Dedicated Web Hosting Services

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Among the many hosting techniques that are available for launching your business site into the web, dedicated servers offer the most elegant service. Be it flexibility, security or speed, you have it all with dedicated servers. It even has certain services unique to itself, like the choice of operating system, CSI (Customized Script Installation), and choice of hardware specification. Serious clients with no room for poor website performance should always go for dedicated servers.

When you chose a dedicated server web hosting service, you actually hire an entire server at the company’s facility to host just your website. This gives you access to the whole of the server’s disk space and bandwidth, as well as the power to modify its features, its kernel and applications.

A common misconception says that dedicated servers need to be installed, housed and operated within the building of a company. This is, however far from truth, and your dedicated server can be located anywhere in the world. Usually they remain with the dedicated server hosts, who take care of its performance through continuous maintenance and support.

Since only one website is hosted in an entire server, there is no worrying about potential intra network security breaches and downtimes. This is especially important if your company site has sensitive information like customer credit card numbers and passwords. Also, if your site is prone to enormous web traffic, then shared or cloud hosts will surely not suffice, as low bandwidth tends to increase server response time to several minutes and can even cause a shared server to crash.

While shared web hosting plan options are less expensive, they are also less secure. In addition to the security issues, there are also accessibility issues that should be considered. If another site on a shared server has a large promotion and experiences a sudden surge in traffic, then that could cause all websites on that server to load slowly or even be inaccessible for periods of time. With a dedicated hosting service, the only traffic flow that needs to be considered and planned for is under the control and plans of the company using the dedicated hosting.

If you have specific content development issues to fulfill using your business site, then the dedicated service hosts can be assigned the duty of looking after all the technical aspects of your site. This is done by assigning a management personnel or team to constantly monitor various aspects of your site round the clock, prevent noticeable problems. This ensures that your website runs twenty four seven without interruption.

If yours is a new company with an inchoate presence in the web, then maybe going for a shared web host is a better idea. Dedicated servers are great, but expensive too! And of course, if your website persists, your demand for space traffic and security will grow, and a time will come when nothing less than a fully leased dedicated server will suit your needs.

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