WordPress Plug-Ins That Help SEO – Without Upsetting Google

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There are plenty of arguments over what WordPress plug-ins are best for SEO purposes, and even if having a major SEO plug-in might be a red flag or footprint that causes Google to look at your website suspiciously. While there’s not a lot of evidence to this yet, for those of you who want your WordPress website to be friendly to the search engines without using a specific SEO plug-in, then read on for several plug-ins that will help your website be SEO-friendly – without upsetting Google or the other major search engines!

Google XML Sitemaps. There are several different sitemap plug-ins, but this one is consistently touted as one of the best. A critical part of a website ranking well in the search engines is making sure that the website is well structured and organized so it is easy for search engine spiders to find each and every page of that site. This plug-in creates a sitemap for those spiders, making it easy for every page and every single piece of content to be found.

Broken Link Check. Broken Link Checker is another free plug-in that doesn’t come across as SEO help, but it will find broken links in your site (very bad for SEO – not to mention user experience) and help you re-direct those links to active pages on your site or simply remove them completely. Either way – this is a much better option than having broken links.

Finally, look for any quality free plug-ins that make it easy for you to sign up people to your email list or to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. The more social attention you can get, the better!

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