WordPress Pitfalls That Novice Users Must Avoid

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WordPress is an extremely feature-rich platform. There are hundreds of things that you can customize to make your website look and feel the way you want. This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of the platform. However it can also lead to some pitfalls. If you are not careful while creating your website you might end up configuring something in a sub-optimal way.

Here are some WordPress pitfalls that novice users frequently fall into:

1. Not editing or deleting the sample page

While installing WordPress, a page titled “Sample Page” is created by default. You should try editing or deleting this page. You can just rename and edit the sample page to an about me or any other similar kind of page. This page is present on thousands of other websites as well. So your website might get penalized by Google for duplicate content. Also, the default sample page looks extremely unprofessional.

2. Paying no attention to gravatar

Gravatar is nothing but a compressed form of “Globally Recognized Avatar”. Gravatar is a small picture which symbolizes you all over the World Wide Web. While you discuss in a forum or comment on a blog post, it appears next to your name. If you want to build a brand on the web, we recommend you to start using it right away. Getting started is easy. Just signup on the gravatar website and associate an image with your primary email address.

3. Ignoring Google authorship markup

Just like the Gravatar, the Google authorship markup maximizes the exposure of your site and lends credibility. You can follow a very simple one-time method for setting up Google authorship markup, which will display your picture next to the meta description in the search results. There are dozens of plugins available on WordPres.org that can insert the markup for you. Doing this has some SEO benefits as well.

If you know of any other such pitfalls feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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