Some Famous WordPress Users

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In today’s era WordPress is one of the best content management system available online. It is open source and free to use. WordPress can be manipulated to appeal to both the professional centered and the entertainment centered audience. Many famous companies opt for WordPress to establish an online presence. These big time companies can certainly chose another paid platform but the fact that it chooses a free platform establishes WordPress as a credible business solution. Here are a few examples.

1. Time Magazine

Time Magazine is an established magazine that has a massive audience both locally in the United States and globally. It uses the WordPress platform to power its entire website. A big publication like Time Magazine can choose any expensive platform it wants, but the fact that it chooses WordPress shows the worth of this platform.

2. The Harvard Business Review

Even academics trust WordPress! The Harvard Business Review is proudly powered by WordPress. This website is flawlessly designed and detailed. It’s simple design and outline enables readers to identify classic and new ideas on creativity, innovation, leadership and management skills. The appealing set up of this website showcases the versatility that WordPress offers its users.

3. Google Ventures

Are you aware that Google has a venture capital department! This is a little known fact. Apart from being a widely successful online business Google also has a fast-growing venture capital department whose blog is solely powered by WordPress. Information on Google’s venture is available on the detailed and excellently designed blog.

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